How To Run Poker Client Software on Linux Operating Systems

Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to get any poker client software running on Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva, Slackware, FreeBSD, PC-BSD, Solaris 10, SXCE and OpenSolaris operating systems?

Linux Operating System LogosIf you are planning on gaining access on an online poker site to play poker, however worried about if the Linux OS you are using wont work with the software they provide, there is a perfect resolution for you. Say thank you to the open source community as they've come up with a software for Linux driven computers to allow Windows based applications to run on top of Linux systems, the Wine. This allow poker clients of whatever online poker site to run smoothly on Linux computers. Though the installation is a bit easy for techy individuals, the following guide may help non-technical guys to have the Wine and the poker client working on a Linux operated computer.

1. First, you need to download all the binary files for Wine and Wine Tools. Head to On the site, Wine files are packed based on each Linux variant. Pick the one that matches yours. Install wine after download. Don't forget the Wine Tools as they're significant to getting the poker clients to work on your Linux computer.

2. Once you are done with the installation of Wine and its tools, download the poker client to want from the online poker site you choose to have an account with. Save the download to /tmp. You can then proceed with this command: wine /tmp/PokerClientInstall.exe to trigger the installation of the poker client.

3. If done correctly, this should start the poker client software installation. And, just like installing the software on Windows, read instructions on screen and follow them accordingly. This process includes accepting the terms and conditions of the software provider and specifying the location where you want the installation will store the files.

4. You may make use of the virtual drive labels produced by the Wine Tools setup as the drive location. However, the installation will suggest to place everything under C:, which, by default, will be under   the ~/.wine location. Once done, and just like any other installation, you will be instructed to restart your computer. You don't have to actually execute this though. All you need to do is to restart the Wine environment.

5. To restart the Wine environment, run the Wine boot utility to begin the Windows reboot. This process will help save time as it can be completed within a few seconds as opposed to restarting the computer which will take several minutes.

6. Once the installation is done, a new desktop icon representing the poker client will appear on your desktop. Clicking this will start the poker client you've just installed. If there's no icon to click at all, you may find the actual installation directory and start the .exe file or directly access it using the succeeding command:  wine PokerClient.exe.

7. When the poker client successfully opens, you can now provide your login credentials and enjoy playing poker game online.

If somewhere in the middle installation an unexpected bug or error occurs, the following page may help you go about it:

Furthermore, it pays to register in the AppDB section of WineHQ to see if the application you are trying to install have some issues or is supported.

4 Top Tips for No-Limit Hold'em Poker Cash Games

Monday, November 8, 2010

Jack Spade and Poker Chips
"Poker is a lot like National Geographic"

Mark Seif points out that one should come to a poker table hungry, ravenous like a predator looking for their next meal. Search for the weak or novice players and take full advantage of them. Never feel bad about taking all the money you can, since it's not your fault that you win, they need more practice. And remember that your goal should be “take it all, never leave a trace”

Be proactive about getting in the best game, with the best seat.

Ask for the seat located on the position you want or a table change, shyness wont do you good. If you feel uncomfortable, it will affect your playing style. It is also ideal to sit with aggressive players to your right, passive to your left and don't you forget that money flows clockwise around the table. Also remember that there are no myths in any casino game, but following certain myths if you think really exist then do so.

Betting is important

Think about the things you want to accomplish with your bet: Are you trying to build the pot? Or, narrowing the field? Or, make a better hand fold? Keep in mind that on how much you bet will determine the odds that you are giving to your opponent. You should force them to make incorrect decisions.

You must always pay attention

Don't show or never show your big blind at the start of the game. Instead, wait for it to come naturally and use your time observing your opponents. Pay attention to people’s betting patterns and identify the types of players on the table. Take note of the kinds of pre-flop bets that will get players to fold and which won’t. Notice who the aggressive players are and try to remember them. Listen to what people are saying. Some players will tell you exactly what they had and the reason why they played a hand the way they did. It's called bluffing. Poker, as we know, is a game of incomplete information. And so, the more information you have, the better you'll be able to make the correct decisions.

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William Hill Poker Review

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The once game now viewed as a sport, at least for the people in the United States, that makes used of the players skill to the fullest has really taken a long way since the day it was brought and offered online, poker. Having said that, the number of online casino sites wanting to offer poker online had grown dramatically over time. With the overwhelming competition, most of the online casino sites were adding innovative twists to the game to attract loyal members and William Hill Poker is one of them.

William Hill Poker creates a mash-up of skill and thrill on its online poker table. With variety of poker games to choose from such as Hi/Lo, Omaha, Omaha hi, 7&5 Card Stud and the popular Texas Hold 'Em, players, regardless of the skill levels, can put their planned strategies in action on any of these poker variants and the ones effective shall deserve whopping jackpots.

The step by step poker learning guide is one of the things I like about William Hill Poker. So, no matter if you're new at playing poker or been playing poker already, however looking forward to enhance your poker play, this site has all this poker learning guide for you. And oh, did I mention that the tips you'll acquire from their poker school come from professionals like Julian Thew? You surely can bring your game play to a different level.

Looking at the bonuses, William Hill Poker is positively not the least. Their generous £400 signup bonus for new players is there to back this up. Not to mention that the site will recognize you when you play your way to VIP status and grab a spot to the genuine WHP VIP Club. And this is not just about the fame being one of the VIPs, but about improving your skills and advancing yourself so you'll always be ready to take fast-paced action which is how their poker tables were built for.

And hey, let me share to you a secret. William Hill Poker tables are filled with wild and loose players which I think is a good place to fish out and win even more chips most especially if I already learned something useful from being a VIP.

Though their poker rooms GUI is a bit minimal and probably not the best, the software they use is pretty much fast and runs smoothly with it. Moreover, the site added some interesting features on the software they use such as quick seat option and auto-top up.

Poker: Learning the Different Types

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Texas Hold'em

It doesn't matter if it is played in an online casino or in a land based casino, this type of poker holds the throne of being the most popular form of poker played all over the world. This can be played with as few as two players or up to ten. This game is a fast paced game play that covers simple rules. A round of Texas Hold'em consists four betting rounds. Each player receives two cards face down and five community cards that are dealt face up to be used by all players. The player with the highest five-card poker hand at showdown wins the pot.


A variation of Texas Hold'em that is quickly growing popularity among casino players. Can be played like texas hold'em, but consists of four betting rounds. Cards are dealt four cards face down and, face up for the five community cards that players will share. Each player must combine exactly two of their hole cards with three community cards to make the best possible five-card poker hand. Variants are Omaha 8 that shares the same basic structure as Omaha Hi, however instead of aiming to make only the best high five-card poker hand, players can also aim to make the best low five-card poker hand as well.

Seven Card Stud
Another popular version of poker that is played between two and eight players. Betting consist of an initial ante, followed by five betting rounds. Each player receives three cards face down, and four cards that must be bare for all players to see. The goal of Seven-Card Stud is to make the best five-card poker hand with the given seven cards.

Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo or Stud 8 is a variation of Seven-Card Stud Players can aim to make either the best high five-card poker hand, or the best low five-card poker hand.

Five Card Draw

Known as the oldest poker variation. Can be played between 2 to 5 players. Betting consist an initial ante, then followed with two rounds of betting. Each player is given five cards face down, and may discard or draw up to five cards after the first betting round. The winner will be the player with the highest five-card poker hand at showdown.

Caribbean Stud Poker

This game requires every player to play against the casino, which acts as the dealer. All winning bets will be payed by the house. In order to win a round, a player should beat the dealers hand since players of the game do not compete with each other.

Most Visited Online Poker Sites

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So you are looking for an online poker site to deal with, right? There are countless available online, but a list of them according to some sort would surely help. Here's a list of most visited online poker sites you can digg on in no particular order.

A brand by the world's leading online gambling companies, PartyGaming. The site represents one of the world's biggest online poker brands. You are assured to get satisfied and improve your play with the number of players they have and those huge revenues they offer. Oh, you are not limited to playing only a version of the poker games here. And excuse me, their tournaments will make you want to dive in promptly as soon as you heard of them.

They say, to enhance your poker game play, you need to stick and play with those pro in the poker table. Well, would believe that in this site poker pros play 1,600 hours every week at their online tables? Believe it. Their online poker game arena was actually molded from the mind of the most reputable poker players in the world. That just mean best features guaranteed!

With the 4-time world poker champion, Daniel Negreanu, on the site, you are no ordinary. Being in the room with this guy will get your play to the next level. Moreover, this site claims to be the home of the world championship of online poker for which I have no doubt. Excessive tournaments, fast cashouts, award-winning software, boy what more could you ask you?

Put your poker play style and preference to the test with this sites numerous offers. Their Turbos or shorthanded variations are perfect for someone with multiple priorities. Oh, not a problem if you're looking for reputable online poker site to deal with, Bodog is just a major thing worldwide. Did I hear you say you'd love to enjoy the excitement and fun playing poker on your mobile phone? Bodog's makes it possible for you to enjoy their games with their mobile casino client.

Don't want to wait on the table that long? With an average of 8000 players online every day of the week, you will surely get the attention you required. And if you are reluctant about their service, their  free poker client demo less the signup up process will let you learn of their humble features. Not ever a problem if you are a newbie. Their 5 minute poker basics learning video will help you with that.

So there you have the most adhered online poker sites. Depending on your preference, you may find one above that fits your checklist. Have fun playing poker!

Worth of $75K Poker Tournament Guaranteed by Absolute Poker

Monday, October 18, 2010

Have something to do tonight? If none, boy you have to fix your monitor and review your poker hand history because a whooping $75K Poker Tournament is live at AbsolutePoker tonight, Monday, October 18th.

At 8:30pm ET the guaranteed worth of $75K Poker Tournament will set to begin. You need to have $500 + $30 for the buy in. But, if that is a bit high for your very tight poker wagering budget for the week, for as low as $11, satellites are available for you.

This event should put your poker skills to the test and feed your bankroll with a big prospect pay-day.

And by the way, don't forget to always watch for the tournament host, Debo34, and get worth of $500 tournament dollars if you knock that player out.

Now, I wonder why you are still here? Head to the site now and secure your place.

Poker Bots: Things You Should Know

Friday, October 15, 2010

Poker Robots
So you have been playing online poker lately. Do you remember any scenario where in an opponent on the poker table is so good that it sucks up all your chips? And then, you tried tilting him, but then you got not even a thin hair chance of success? OMG, is he a human after all? You might be sitting next to a poker bot.

Poker bots are programs created to participate in the best interest of a tangible human being, moving in accordance with an unfailing and, seemingly, tested strategy. Recognizing the likely existence of these gate crashers in the online poker rooms is sufficient for online poker players to ask whether to still go sit down on the table.

Alongside the popularity of online poker, numerous computer programmers tried the best of their ability to produce poker bots to get share of the pie, however in a way against humanity. Overtime, many different types of poker bots evolved turning up on online poker rooms incessantly. But until now, I have not known any that's successful at conquering the online poker arena which leads me to think the following.

These poker bots are nowhere a threat to your poker playing skills. Thus, should not be the reason why not to continue playing poker. These bots are faraway from perfect and even far-off from from unconquerable. Moreover, with an even complicated and improved process, online poker rooms make it even harder for poker bots to get closer to the virtual doors. Thus, they are simply beatable due to the fact that they take the brain of their programmers.

But why poker rooms care about busting them anyway when they can only play like the human who created them and be beaten by a seeming enhanced skill? Well, simply because they destruct the normal flow of the business. With customers complaining on poker rooms about bots playing with them, it is an irritation to the game providers making them addressing the problem.

Furthermore, poker is a human game. It takes skills to get going, not a set of theories compiled into a program. Sure bots may appear advantageous on the table, but they don't have the senses human have. Thus, the real benefits of a poker bot to one's game is really is question.

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JackpotCity Opens Video Poker Championship

Thursday, October 14, 2010

UK's very own JackpotCity online casino is challenging every poker player in the United Kingdom and Ireland to be the Video Poker Champion with its "Video Poker Leader Board Challenge!"

This is going to be an exciting new challenge that waits on casino enthusiasts within the specified region. The state-of-the-art Video Poker Leader Board Challenge is expected to turn out the best Video Poker player. This new online casino technology will allow every participants to play on a par footing, letting the average Joe to compete against, challenge and win over whales.

The challenge will produce top 3 weekly participants coming from the 4 weekly Leader Boards throughout the month of October. Top 3 weekly players are expected to win 4x over their own cash back in Loyalty Points. And the sought-after Video Poker Championship Trophy will be given to the most amended player for the month of October.

Qualifying games available to play:
- Joker Poker
- Aces and Faces
- Dueces Wild

Visit PR officer at JackpotCity UK for more information. 

Not sure what video poker is? Visit video poker game guide at

Organizing Your Texas Holdem Poker Game Play

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Texas Holdem Poker
Texas Holdem Poker is a fun skill game one can play. With wit on the line, one can seemingly dictate the flow of the game and take home most of the pot prizes. But before you think that it is easy, think gain. One needs to be organized with his way to play the game in order to win. Below would be a perfect outline of how you're going to handle each and every demanding round.

Pick a Hand

Depending on the players on the table, a Texas Holdem Poker game could be speedy in every round. But this doesn't mean you will lose control over which hand to play and which not. Identifying which poker hand to bet forward is important to winning over all. You are not going to play each and every hand dealt by dealer, are you?

Bet Size

After having a hand to play, you will need to realize how much money you are willing to lose whenever. A strong betting strategy there is is the player's idea on how much he's going to bet and when to execute it. Bet size should adjust depending on the hand acquired and the pattern of betting made by other players on the table.

Remember The Odds

Okay, so you are willing to take it all in huh? Slow down the aggressive strategy you are thinking and learn about implied odds. Calculate the odds and your probability of winning over the current situation. When you do, you'll realize that it is far more better than taking a force into it. Your mathematical wit is your strongest asset here.

Uncovering Opponents Hands Initially

Your opponent is one of the factors that controls the outcome of the game. Therefore, you need to get some of your attention to them. You need to keep track of their play, when they do it, how much they are putting on it etc. Through this, you can play guessing and merge it with odds calculation to learn where you are actually standing.

Keep on Playing

If you have ever heard of the saying "Practice makes perfect" this is not all about it. But, practice makes permanent. Keep on playing Texas Holdem Poker for a while. This is what pro poker players keep on doing before and after they got their recognition. The point is, it may take for a while before you see consistent profitable results. So keep on playing the game while keeping records of the emerging strategies along the way.

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Champ James Bord Wins Another Big Pot

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Who would not remember James Bord, a UK poker player who have won the WSOPE (World Series of Poker Europe) primary event in September. This time, the young poker guy has just knocked down another big prize from the High Rollers event at the Marrakeck Poker Cup.

Casino de Marrackech's $50K buy in event in the Moroccan capital netted Bord a whooping $247,000 payday.

The event started with 13 players participating, but the prize table showed only 4 were advantageous of the game.

Final Results:

1: James Bord — $247,000
2: Robert Mizrachi — $185,250
3: Mesbah Guerfi — $123,500
4: David Benyamine — $61,750

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Full Tilt Poker's Worth Of $300,000 Poker Tournament Running Today!

Monday, October 11, 2010

 Been looking for an exciting way to play your favorite online poker game?

This might be one of the enticing prize pools ever on the table guaranteed by Full Tilt Poker. A whooping $300K worth of cash is almost unbelievable. And this is off for grabs on Monday's $1K tournament at 9pm ET on October 11th (today).

To play in, you will be required a $1000 entry fee. That's not a huge gate there with the blinds increasing every 12 minutes inside. Not a problem if you can't play the full $1K, satellites are available for as low as $75.

What are you waiting for? Don't waste a single time! Dive in to the fun and get that generous 100% first deposit bonus up to $600!

Holland's Online Poker Market To Unwrap

Friday, October 8, 2010

On the word of Dutch newspaper Telegraaf, The Netherlands at long last settled to loosen up and gave pieces of the pie by letting extraterritorial companies to dive into their online poker market.

As remembered, a government commission urged that the country's online poker be unwrapped to private operators, planned and accredited, prior this year.

Dutch lottery is the only online gambling offer presently, but a whopping €270 Million can be made by the government through auctioning off licenses that will allow exclusive parties to operate online poker sites and offer services to Dutch people.

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Understanding Implied Pot Odds

Thursday, October 7, 2010

There are several ways to play poker game effective which depend on how it is acted on the poker table. Calculating future betting is one way to solve dry hand dilemma, and this is called implied odds.

Implied odds are computed the same way pot odds are calculated. However, the attention of projected future betting sets the distinction of this technique. Implied odds is more of like projecting future scenario whenever an expectation is or is not met. This basically prevents additional bet loss, while expecting addition to the existing size of the pot, thus a greater win.

For example, you have K-Q off-suit in hand and 10-9-5-2 on community cards before the river while facing a call from the table. You expect to fold the next round whenever the last card won't give you a straight, thus losing no additional bets, however expects to gain additional bets by having the opponent to call your additional bet when the straight is completed by the last draw. The adjusted pot value derived from the scenario is identified as the implied pot.

Understanding the way implied odds is calculated is a very significant part of playing poker game. This is what winners usually take full advantage of. So, before you place your bet while having a seemingly winning hand, do the digits work along side positive expectations. Calculate the cash you can afford to loss and the cash you will be satisfied winning.

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A Good Way To Win At Texas Hold 'Em Poker Game Overall

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Texas Hold 'Em Poker game is no ordinary. For you to be able to take home a considerable pot cash, you need to strategize things. And as we speak of strategizing, it starts with how you start playing the game. To grab the pot cash, you simply need a good start. How?

Consciously picking on your starting hands is the most critical thing you can do. No soldier goes to war without guns and ammo. Same with playing Texas Hold 'Em Poker game. You must be very picky about the hands you make your mind up to play. Always participate a pot with superior pocket cards and play them assertively through out. Ex. High cards or pairs.

If you are a new player, learn from the following: Do fail to defend to yourself you should keep on if your hand is not agreeable and firm via the flop with exception to starting with a pocket pair. No matter what the pot size there is, this rule valid. You have dreadfully minute occasion of winning if you are not in the position by means of the flop when playing the Texas Hold 'Em Poker game. To make the situation a bit clearer for us to understand, let me draw some examples. If you are dealt with K-A and the flop comes out K-8-4, you're in a fine rank. But having the same pocket cards while the flop comes out 10-6-2, you are in trouble and have no choice but to fold.

The greatest misstep not seasoned players perform themselves when playing Texas Hold 'Em Poker game is to participate overly countless pots at the beginning. They're basically doom to fail this approach. By simply folding a lot of weak pockets is the key to win by and large. Don't try to allure yourself that an A-5 off-suit pocket is a winning combo knowing A can be the highest kicker. Wrong! Another player will end up grabbing your chips of hope due to an advantageous kicker even though you draw another A on the flop.

To grab an exceptional pile of chips in playing Texas Hold 'Em Poker game, the only thing you should stand by is to only play hands with good edge. Not only that, to do this effective by having your opponent raise and re-raise, you still need to have sufficient shocker factor to empower you. Don't every fool yourself to believing that the last card on the river can bring you the jackpot. This is not the movie version you are acting, but the live and real situation you need to survive playing.

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Online Poker versus Land Based Poker

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Land-based casinos have atmosphere, but there is noise, hustle and bustle, bright lights,  distractions, expenses, and inconvenience and lots of music. And that's not to mention people standing around you, looking over your shoulder and commenting on the cards you have and what you should bet and how you should play.
Poker Chips Collection DesignsPoker in the casino and online poker do have some differences although they are of the similar systems and rules. The online poker game is now a mainstream gambling entertainment, particularly in the area of America. It has been the conventional game among the land-based casinos.

Online casinos do away with all this, and lets you play poker the way it should be played. Another thing is that you cannot possibly cheat in an online casino there is not even a single opportunity for players to leak out any signs of cheating to the other gamblers. In contrary to the virtual table, you will have more playing options regarding the amount to play and where to place your bet as there are plenty of rooms available. For online game, you are not able to place the bets on the tables. So, instead of depositing chips to a real cashier, you will be doing it to the software's cashier in the online game. You can easily quit the game anytime and withdraw the remaining balance in your account.
The hands, rules and overall gaming scheme are rather similar to the ordinary poker table game. Of course, there are still important guidelines to emphasize on if you play poker online. It is common for people who intend to cheat or bluff to deliver hidden messages through gestures as facial expressions are easily seen. But in the online poker, you can only cheat by playing high stake of your cards, giving an indication to other players that your cards are good and you are prepared to defeat them.

Besides, be aware that you would need a long of time in order to establish a good reputation in the online poker game. Similar to the freedom on virtual casinos, players are allowed to move around to give you the possibility of playing with many different players in case there are times when you despise anyone's gaming style.

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Poker Room: Picking Out A Fish

Monday, September 6, 2010

Image Credit: Media.SpokesMan.Com

We are aware that the game of poker has been patronized by millions of casino players by now, so we have a lot of story telling to do. Some of them have extremely upgraded their skills of the game, while many of them were only taking an introduction to the game. Being an experienced player, you would want to look for these players, as they can be beaten easily knowing that they only have limited knowledge as well as experience of the game. As Bill Jones, a Canadian 19th century poker player, once stated, "It's immoral to let a sucker keep his money." But, how do you exactly identify them?

Okay, what separates a bad player from a good one? Well, the difference can actually be identified with the way they enter into a poker room. Good players usually sit down and play several hands to uncover a possible nominee for bankroll dumping. While a knowledgeable gambler learns all these before he ever comes to sitting down at the table.

That is to say, savvy poker players come in two variations. One being a regular poker player who has sufficient poker expertise, and the other being those who are feeding their needs by playing poker. They're usually talkative and friendly, especially towards the dealer, and they mostly are playing by themselves.

On the flip side, players that are flashy can be identified as a new comer. Though, it is really hard to tell this way that the player is a careless one. Nevertheless, regular players care less with flash. Additionally, new comers usually have a wide-eyed look of excitement while a savvy player look totally pleased with the condition at the casino. More importantly, new comers or first time players, with their excitement at the top most level, usually are drunk however ready for action when coming in to play at any casino. If you notice them coming in, they can be good targets. Drunk, stormy and apparently reckless players are best to take advantage from. Not that they are not good in playing the game, but alcohol would be their opponent as it makes their previously wobbly decision making  even more gravely.

Growing your bankroll is not really that hard. You just need to take and analyze statistics that usually draw your closer to a definite advantage over the pot price. Check your opponents, learn things from them, and never hesitate to take it big when you obviously know they're weak.'s Rock Star Bounty $200K

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Online Poker Championship Series by

Presenting a rock star NLH $200,000 event, is relinquishing any of the stops with their Online Poker Championship Series.

Just as Team UB's Scrott Ian, a long time player, together with some of his rock star buddies taken court in UB's poker room, countless of online poker players went up for a shot at landing themselves parrallel to rocker royalty with UB's $200+15 buy-in Bounty event.

Though failed to make the money, JERRY CANTRELL(Alice in Chains), ANDY HURLEY(Fall Out Boy), KIRK HAMMETT(Metallica), CHAD GRAY and GREG TRIBBETT(Mudvayne), and SULLY ERNA(Godsmack) reveals their best hands in $200K GTD last night.

Surprisingly, six other online poker players grabbed the bounty. They are STACKOLOGIST XSAVAGISTX (Andy Hurley), TIETYMM HELVIS8 (Chad Gray), MAUIFISH SULLYERNAXXX(Sully Erna), BJ4TJ JERRYCANTRELL(Jerry Cantrell), RAFAELMADERA TRIBBS68(Greg Tribbett), I SPEW CHIPS KIRKHAMM666(Kirk Hammett).

American Airlines: All In Or Fold?

Friday, August 20, 2010

If you think this blog post's title is a mess and is nowhere correct, think again. In fact, that was intentionally created to produce a bit of a buzzing sound on your mind. If you have been playing poker for a while now, then you probably have got a pair in hand from time to time. But, how is it connected to going all in with American Airlines?

American Airlines to poker lingo refers to pocket aces or AA. Other terms for AA, which are also known at online casinos and land-based casinos, are bullets or pocket rockets. If you are a newbie poker player, then allow me introduce to you the strongest starting hand in poker.
Starting with pocket rockets in hand is one my best experiences in poker wherein I was able to grab good amount of money from the pot. But I don't usually go all in prematurely during the pre-flop instead take some time to analyze the opponent's betting behavior as well as the flop.

Early Player

Having bullets while being the first to place bet is a bit challenging for me. For ordinary players, they would usually go all in and scare all other opponents in the poker table. I don't want this to happen when I have the kind of luck so instead of raising an impressive amount to filter players with good hands, I usually go checking. This will allow me to analyze my opponents and their bets. If in cases someone would go all in, I would just simply call while enjoying the safety of having their fears out on my cards.

Late Player

Perhaps an advantage. The reverse of the above mentioned. If I am the last one to place bet and someone goes all in or raise a good amount, I'd simply call. Being in the late position is highly advantageous especially when you have the kind of hand like pocket rockets.

Flop Cards

Sometimes we are brought to a scenario where in we thought our hand is the best hand during pre-flop and get excited about the game. However, story might change depending on the flop. Pocket rockets is surely a strong hand, however if the flop reveals close cards, checking and re-raising is the best way to go.

Close cards may be described as the following:
- close numbers - ex. 8-9-10-Q-6. There is a good chance for opponents hit straight in this scenario which is higher than pocket rockets.
- same suits - ex. 8s-9s-3h-2s-Ks. s for spade, provided that you don't have the suit to complete a flush. There is a good chance for opponents to hit flush.
- pairs - ex. 8-9-J-J-K. There is a good chance for opponents to hit three of a kind which is higher than bullets.

If the flop reveals close to the example above, you might want to see to it if it is worth going all in to leverage the round. To do that, checking is the best way to go to allow you some time to analyze opponents' behavior. Surely, an opponent with good combination derive from the flop would raise or go all in. This will be your hint to doubt your bullets and eventually fold. However, if it seems like nobody is taking chances and you feel that they've got a weak hand, you might want to go betting an amount you can afford to lose just in case.

Playing poker either in land-based casinos or at online casino sites is surely a lot of fun. But, if you are betting on excitement, assumption and greed, you could lose an impressive amount. So, before you go all in, be sure to analyze everything and see to it that every hint agrees to your hand. Else, never be sorry to fold.

Internet Poker: Morongo Tribe Push Claiming 21 Members

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last Wednesday, 21 tribes joined Morongo Band of Mission Indians' spokesman for a new online poker consortium private signing ceremony. After the lunchtime ceremony, Patrick Dorinson said, "We have 21 tribes at this point. We anticipate by the end of the day we will have quite a few more." “We have some tribes with some substantial gaming in the state,” he added. 

The letter that was sent last Tuesday by the tribe mentioned an invitation to California Intertribal Intrastate Poker Consortium membership for tribes interested. This consortium will be part of the two LLCs that will be affiliated with California Online Poker Association (COPA).

18th will the last day to join, however attendance is not compulsory. It also stated that for some tribes the full-fledged membership in the group deadline has long passed, “Please note that the April 30, 2010 deadline for Non-Compacted Tribes to qualify for the guaranteed minimum share of the tribal LLC’s profits had not been extended.”

Complication starts when the legislature has not approved online poker in California though.

More of the story: Morongo tribe claims 21 members for new Internet poker push


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Being in one of the biggest event in a casino is surely worth a lot of fun and excitement. But wait, what event is that again? You surely are a gambler. But, if you don't know what a big apple is, then shame on you!

If you think the title relates to a tasty fruit that made mankind a sinner, it might be. But it this very short article, it would refer to another thing.

Apple in Poker lingo refers to a big game where gamblers gather to have some fun and raise their excitements within. It is often the biggest game in a specific club.

So how do you use it? Simple! Use it like a normal people do. But when you are conversing to a gambler like you and hear him say, "I lost a whopping $10k in the apple today". Excuse his grammar as he is totally referring to something only the group knows.

Oh! And one more thing, don't laugh when you hear you grandma says, "Son, I want big apple."

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