Poker Bots: Things You Should Know

Friday, October 15, 2010

Poker Robots
So you have been playing online poker lately. Do you remember any scenario where in an opponent on the poker table is so good that it sucks up all your chips? And then, you tried tilting him, but then you got not even a thin hair chance of success? OMG, is he a human after all? You might be sitting next to a poker bot.

Poker bots are programs created to participate in the best interest of a tangible human being, moving in accordance with an unfailing and, seemingly, tested strategy. Recognizing the likely existence of these gate crashers in the online poker rooms is sufficient for online poker players to ask whether to still go sit down on the table.

Alongside the popularity of online poker, numerous computer programmers tried the best of their ability to produce poker bots to get share of the pie, however in a way against humanity. Overtime, many different types of poker bots evolved turning up on online poker rooms incessantly. But until now, I have not known any that's successful at conquering the online poker arena which leads me to think the following.

These poker bots are nowhere a threat to your poker playing skills. Thus, should not be the reason why not to continue playing poker. These bots are faraway from perfect and even far-off from from unconquerable. Moreover, with an even complicated and improved process, online poker rooms make it even harder for poker bots to get closer to the virtual doors. Thus, they are simply beatable due to the fact that they take the brain of their programmers.

But why poker rooms care about busting them anyway when they can only play like the human who created them and be beaten by a seeming enhanced skill? Well, simply because they destruct the normal flow of the business. With customers complaining on poker rooms about bots playing with them, it is an irritation to the game providers making them addressing the problem.

Furthermore, poker is a human game. It takes skills to get going, not a set of theories compiled into a program. Sure bots may appear advantageous on the table, but they don't have the senses human have. Thus, the real benefits of a poker bot to one's game is really is question.

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