Poker Room: Picking Out A Fish

Monday, September 6, 2010

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We are aware that the game of poker has been patronized by millions of casino players by now, so we have a lot of story telling to do. Some of them have extremely upgraded their skills of the game, while many of them were only taking an introduction to the game. Being an experienced player, you would want to look for these players, as they can be beaten easily knowing that they only have limited knowledge as well as experience of the game. As Bill Jones, a Canadian 19th century poker player, once stated, "It's immoral to let a sucker keep his money." But, how do you exactly identify them?

Okay, what separates a bad player from a good one? Well, the difference can actually be identified with the way they enter into a poker room. Good players usually sit down and play several hands to uncover a possible nominee for bankroll dumping. While a knowledgeable gambler learns all these before he ever comes to sitting down at the table.

That is to say, savvy poker players come in two variations. One being a regular poker player who has sufficient poker expertise, and the other being those who are feeding their needs by playing poker. They're usually talkative and friendly, especially towards the dealer, and they mostly are playing by themselves.

On the flip side, players that are flashy can be identified as a new comer. Though, it is really hard to tell this way that the player is a careless one. Nevertheless, regular players care less with flash. Additionally, new comers usually have a wide-eyed look of excitement while a savvy player look totally pleased with the condition at the casino. More importantly, new comers or first time players, with their excitement at the top most level, usually are drunk however ready for action when coming in to play at any casino. If you notice them coming in, they can be good targets. Drunk, stormy and apparently reckless players are best to take advantage from. Not that they are not good in playing the game, but alcohol would be their opponent as it makes their previously wobbly decision making  even more gravely.

Growing your bankroll is not really that hard. You just need to take and analyze statistics that usually draw your closer to a definite advantage over the pot price. Check your opponents, learn things from them, and never hesitate to take it big when you obviously know they're weak.


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