American Airlines: All In Or Fold?

Friday, August 20, 2010

If you think this blog post's title is a mess and is nowhere correct, think again. In fact, that was intentionally created to produce a bit of a buzzing sound on your mind. If you have been playing poker for a while now, then you probably have got a pair in hand from time to time. But, how is it connected to going all in with American Airlines?

American Airlines to poker lingo refers to pocket aces or AA. Other terms for AA, which are also known at online casinos and land-based casinos, are bullets or pocket rockets. If you are a newbie poker player, then allow me introduce to you the strongest starting hand in poker.
Starting with pocket rockets in hand is one my best experiences in poker wherein I was able to grab good amount of money from the pot. But I don't usually go all in prematurely during the pre-flop instead take some time to analyze the opponent's betting behavior as well as the flop.

Early Player

Having bullets while being the first to place bet is a bit challenging for me. For ordinary players, they would usually go all in and scare all other opponents in the poker table. I don't want this to happen when I have the kind of luck so instead of raising an impressive amount to filter players with good hands, I usually go checking. This will allow me to analyze my opponents and their bets. If in cases someone would go all in, I would just simply call while enjoying the safety of having their fears out on my cards.

Late Player

Perhaps an advantage. The reverse of the above mentioned. If I am the last one to place bet and someone goes all in or raise a good amount, I'd simply call. Being in the late position is highly advantageous especially when you have the kind of hand like pocket rockets.

Flop Cards

Sometimes we are brought to a scenario where in we thought our hand is the best hand during pre-flop and get excited about the game. However, story might change depending on the flop. Pocket rockets is surely a strong hand, however if the flop reveals close cards, checking and re-raising is the best way to go.

Close cards may be described as the following:
- close numbers - ex. 8-9-10-Q-6. There is a good chance for opponents hit straight in this scenario which is higher than pocket rockets.
- same suits - ex. 8s-9s-3h-2s-Ks. s for spade, provided that you don't have the suit to complete a flush. There is a good chance for opponents to hit flush.
- pairs - ex. 8-9-J-J-K. There is a good chance for opponents to hit three of a kind which is higher than bullets.

If the flop reveals close to the example above, you might want to see to it if it is worth going all in to leverage the round. To do that, checking is the best way to go to allow you some time to analyze opponents' behavior. Surely, an opponent with good combination derive from the flop would raise or go all in. This will be your hint to doubt your bullets and eventually fold. However, if it seems like nobody is taking chances and you feel that they've got a weak hand, you might want to go betting an amount you can afford to lose just in case.

Playing poker either in land-based casinos or at online casino sites is surely a lot of fun. But, if you are betting on excitement, assumption and greed, you could lose an impressive amount. So, before you go all in, be sure to analyze everything and see to it that every hint agrees to your hand. Else, never be sorry to fold.


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