Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Being in one of the biggest event in a casino is surely worth a lot of fun and excitement. But wait, what event is that again? You surely are a gambler. But, if you don't know what a big apple is, then shame on you!

If you think the title relates to a tasty fruit that made mankind a sinner, it might be. But it this very short article, it would refer to another thing.

Apple in Poker lingo refers to a big game where gamblers gather to have some fun and raise their excitements within. It is often the biggest game in a specific club.

So how do you use it? Simple! Use it like a normal people do. But when you are conversing to a gambler like you and hear him say, "I lost a whopping $10k in the apple today". Excuse his grammar as he is totally referring to something only the group knows.

Oh! And one more thing, don't laugh when you hear you grandma says, "Son, I want big apple."


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