William Hill Poker Review

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The once game now viewed as a sport, at least for the people in the United States, that makes used of the players skill to the fullest has really taken a long way since the day it was brought and offered online, poker. Having said that, the number of online casino sites wanting to offer poker online had grown dramatically over time. With the overwhelming competition, most of the online casino sites were adding innovative twists to the game to attract loyal members and William Hill Poker is one of them.

William Hill Poker creates a mash-up of skill and thrill on its online poker table. With variety of poker games to choose from such as Hi/Lo, Omaha, Omaha hi, 7&5 Card Stud and the popular Texas Hold 'Em, players, regardless of the skill levels, can put their planned strategies in action on any of these poker variants and the ones effective shall deserve whopping jackpots.

The step by step poker learning guide is one of the things I like about William Hill Poker. So, no matter if you're new at playing poker or been playing poker already, however looking forward to enhance your poker play, this site has all this poker learning guide for you. And oh, did I mention that the tips you'll acquire from their poker school come from professionals like Julian Thew? You surely can bring your game play to a different level.

Looking at the bonuses, William Hill Poker is positively not the least. Their generous £400 signup bonus for new players is there to back this up. Not to mention that the site will recognize you when you play your way to VIP status and grab a spot to the genuine WHP VIP Club. And this is not just about the fame being one of the VIPs, but about improving your skills and advancing yourself so you'll always be ready to take fast-paced action which is how their poker tables were built for.

And hey, let me share to you a secret. William Hill Poker tables are filled with wild and loose players which I think is a good place to fish out and win even more chips most especially if I already learned something useful from being a VIP.

Though their poker rooms GUI is a bit minimal and probably not the best, the software they use is pretty much fast and runs smoothly with it. Moreover, the site added some interesting features on the software they use such as quick seat option and auto-top up.


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